Sanaa Elbehairy and Amar Shamel


Vineeth S and Priyanka P

I took these photographs on the evening of one of our last days at JNU, New Delhi in mid May 2017. Busy with my current film project, Walking Home, I have until now been unable to retouch these and the other photographs I took that evening.

Vineeth and Priyanka were my linguistics classmates. Friends. I will keep adding here the photographs I took of them that evening, one after another as I finish retouch on them.

In Full Bloom

In full bloom. One of the few physical parts of JNU (New Delhi) I like.

The linguistic course I took up at the JNU (New Delhi) has finally ended. It did not eat my daily hours up but it kept hanging over my consciousness for the last two years and the things I had kept on hold had piled up all around me. Now I have to go back to my life–life has called me back and I have to answer. I have consciously lived a crazy life like a kid for two years. That was fun. Well now, that has come to an end. I will be busy doing what I love. For the rest of my life. Mostly quietly.

Knowing fully well that I may not have any reason to come to this place again after all my formalities are done with here in one month or so, I sensed last afternoon that it is probably the last JNU spring that I will see and I felt I should photograph this part of JNU. Almost a bower-like formation.