Beside a Crematorium

This one is a very big file of above 100 MB. Composited from about ten shots. With the RAM of only 1 GB left on my laptop (the other RAM had some problems and now I have to put it back on my laptop), I had a very hard time working on it. I would like to rework on it, it seems. Posting here just for security.

Skeleton of a Lake

Harinagar Lake, New Delhi (December 2016)

At the end of 2009, you could still call it a lake despite the very little water. Now the bed has drunk up all the water to the last drop, and now there is literally no single drop of water in this erstwhile lake. Yesterday morning I saw a few cattle nibbling at the scanty not-enough-green grass clinging for life to the scorched bed, pigs rummaging in the pebbles for food, and a few boats lying prone on the sand under the blue cloudless sky. The notice on the board toward the left frame painfully reminds us what we see is just the skeleton of a lake that once was. Now the order “Swimming Prohibited” stands shockingly irrelevant.

I stepped into what once must have been the edge of the lake water and took a few shots. As I did not plan to visit this place and did not until then know what I wanted to do, I did not take the tripod. The above picture is composed from more than three hand-held shots. A bad composition, actually. Still the message is clear. I will go visit this place again with a tripod.