Strangers in the Night; Killing Me Softly

Among what make the world beautiful (despite itself) and life worth living is Frank Sinatra. His songs. His Strangers in the Night (among many of his other numbers) is one of my all-time favorites. This really makes my nights beautiful even when I spend them alone. Lyrics here.

And here is another version. From a live performance. Of course, as we know, most live performances by the singers themselves of already famous records have flavors slightly different from the originals. A concert performance is a different medium than a studio recording session.

Another number among my all-time favorites is his Killing Me Softly. O my! He is–I mean is–a singer. Such a singer. Lyrics here.


উন তারক্লে / Snow is Falling

Snow is Falling
by Tomas Tranströmer (1931–2015)
Nobel Prize in Literature (2011)

মঙ্গুম্বা চৎপা লাকপা লেপ্তে
মথং মথং, হেন্ন হেন্নদুম
লম্বী তাকপা খূদমশিংগুম
সহর চৎপগি লম্বীদা৷

য়েংলি মীওই লোক্তাক অমনা
অশাংবা মমিগি লমদমদা৷

মদোম শাগৎচৈ থোং অমা,
হেক্তমক থিনগত্তুনা শুন্দ্রংদা৷


Robin Fulton’s translation:

Snow is Falling

The funerals keep coming
more and more of them
like the traffic signs
as we approach the city.

Thousands of people gazing
in the land of long shadows.

A bridge builds itself
straight out in space.

Dancing in the Dark

Even as I looked, I didn’t see
how it seeped into the port–
the ship of shadows docks
with dancers dancing in the dark
mixing darkness with dance and dancers,
the mix filling the mould
bubbling out sound and silence.

In the absence without pressure,
noiseless sounds ooze out of the ears
to creep for a flash unsensed
before yielding to the yawning thirst.