Delhi Drum Circle at Oxford Store, Connaught Place

My camera battery died too soon. I assumed it must have enough power left on it after the rock shooting on Friday and I was wrong. I had to take these shots on my tablet, which I have almost never done earlier.

If I Never Met You

I simply lost my heart to this song–“If I never met you” in the end credits of Manhattan Night (Brian DeCubellis, 2016). Lyrics and music by Brian DeCubellis, performed by Catey Shaw, and produced by┬áJay Levine. I’ve not liked Catey Shaw before.

Man from the Murk

I want some light
so I out the light
and bore a hole in the sky.

I trust a god
as can dance in the dark,
bare bodies smeared
with the murk of the mud
squirting from pleasure

Perpetual damnation in pleasure,
the foundation no house can fall from.

Dancing in the Dark

Even as I looked, I didn’t see
how it seeped into the port–
the ship of shadows docks
with dancers dancing in the dark
mixing darkness with dance and dancers,
the mix filling the mould
bubbling out sound and silence.

In the absence without pressure,
noiseless sounds ooze out of the ears
to creep for a flash unsensed
before yielding to the yawning thirst.