Sound of weaving on a loom

While I was recording the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves and of footsteps on dry leaves in the hills in Manipur for a current film project, I heard on my earpieces a weak sound of something familiar I had practically forgotten to be still existing–weaving on a loom. The sound from my childhood. My aunt, my father’s younger sister, on whose back I grew up as a child. She used to weave. (Mother too.) I often went to the main market in Kakching to buy yarn for her.

I turned my mic to specify the direction the sound was coming from, then followed the sound track, and I heard the volume and clarity of the sound increasing as I got nearer to the source.

Higher up the hill in one of the cottages a woman was there weaving on her loom. I recorded as she weaved.

No Respect (by Stevie Smith)

Stevie Smith’s No Respect read by me in my room. Please bear with the noise. Recording done on my phone, I could not control the unwanted sound creeping into the room. Horns. And yes–unedited.

If I Never Met You

I simply lost my heart to this song–“If I never met you” in the end credits of Manhattan Night (Brian DeCubellis, 2016). Lyrics and music by Brian DeCubellis, performed by Catey Shaw, and produced by Jay Levine. I’ve not liked Catey Shaw before.

Why Civilizations Cannot Climb Hills

Why Civilizations Can’t Climb Hills
By Prof. James Scott