Golden Voiced and Fingered

This guy has a golden voice and the song he sang on the evening of 9 February at Oxford Bookstore, CP, New Delhi, was so beautiful–I could not believe my own ears! His fingers too–they were golden fingers.



Strangers in the Night; Killing Me Softly

Among what make the world beautiful (despite itself) and life worth living is Frank Sinatra. His songs. His Strangers in the Night (among many of his other numbers) is one of my all-time favorites. This really makes my nights beautiful even when I spend them alone. Lyrics here.

And here is another version. From a live performance. Of course, as we know, most live performances by the singers themselves of already famous records have flavors slightly different from the originals. A concert performance is a different medium than a studio recording session.

Another number among my all-time favorites is his Killing Me Softly. O my! He is–I mean is–a singer. Such a singer. Lyrics here.

Bésame Mucho (André Rieu, Laura Engel)

Composed by André Rieu performed by Laura Engel this version of Bésame Mucho totally wrings and tears my heart, and I want my heart tortured again and again and over again if it is like this.

André Rieu is one of my all-time favorite composers (still living, thank God) and Laura Engel–she sings like there was no song before this and nobody knew or sang a song before this. She does not touch you, but she can break you as if like by magic. This is what music should do. This is what a song is.

André Rieu and Laura Engel  at a live concert in Maastricht (2015)

Jotin Kumar Singing Surmai Akhiyon Mein

Nobody knows why he does not choose to be a singer when he has such a golden voice.

Here he sings K.J. Yesudas’s Surmai Akhiyon Mein from Balu Mahendra’s 1983 drama Sadma. Karaoke.

This song was recorded at the Robert Leishangthem Workstation, right at the heart of Kakching keithel, where all the noise of the market and the street flowed in from one side and three walls blocked it like an echo chamber.

Why aren’t you a singer, Jotin?

Photographer Jotin Kumar sings Saawariya a cappella.

Jotin himself recorded this song in a small studio not designed for music recording. Without any instrument accompaniment. I doubt he positioned the mic properly :). I did no editing, except increasing the volume because the volume level of my laptop speakers is terribly low, and I am not sure how this is going to sound despite Jotin’s golden voice.