Co-founders of the Chinky Homo Project, David Kumam (left) and Pavel Sagolsem (right) listening to a bisexual girl from Miranda House College (New Delhi) speaking about her experience and views at Categorical Eatpham, South Ex, New Delhi, on 5 August 2018.


Diary Entry

Me deep in something nameless. No lunch or finner since 12 June. In no mood. A piece of bread. Four glasses of sugarcane juice. Three boiled eggs. Anything more? Yes, four pieces of an apple that a friend offered in these four days. Fits and starts.

Am I depressed? Blase. No more aware of it. No difference. Bored of this black hole. Still in no food mood.

Tired today. Headache. Chest burning.

No phone call. No talking. I hate talking.

Evaporating. This is what I love now.

থৱায় ৱাবা মরক্তা পূক্নীং লুমবা

মপান্দা অকিবা নোংলৈ নুংশীৎ৷
লূূূম্না নিনবা খরদমক মরোলদি খঙদনা
য়ূম্লোননবনা খৎনবগুুুম
অঙাংনা ঙক্না কিনা তাবদু না থাঙ্গৎতুনা৷

অরাপপদগি লাকপা মরী থোক্নদবগি অৱাবা পাউ
কদায়দগিনো লীৎশিল্লক শোননা নোম্লৈ
অপাবা য়ুুুখল অঙৌবা থোঙনাউদা, ফক্লাংদা, লময়ায়দা
তপ্না ইমুংগি মম্লিবা অচীকপদা৷
করিশু থোক্তে ইমুুংসিদদি৷
অমম্বা অমসুং অচীকপদা লৈরৈ
লৈবগুম লৈতবগুুম, লেঙবগুম লেঙদবগুম
খোঙগুল তাদবা করিনো খঙদবা অমা
লম্মাঙনরবা হৌদোঙ মচাগুম৷

ফি থোংদবা হনুবা
কোনশিন্দুনা তূমই মমাগি পূক্নুংদগুম
য়ূমগি মনুুংদা


Factory Hand

A factory hand. Gurgaon, Haryana. The finger-print reader drew blank. Then the officer had him rub at the violet stamp pad and press his thumb in the thumb impression area in the document. It was a blot of ink with no texture.

“You have no fingerprint.” The officer said. “We can’t go on.”

The man had lost his aadhaar card and he was required to give his thumb impression to get his card reissued.

A factory hand. Hard work had rubbed fingerprints off this man’s fingers. Metal and acid.

“Can you see to figure out what can be done about it? Maybe through social media.” S. Kocha, the kind proprietor of the factory asked tamo Thingbaijam Singh. “He needs his card.”