The Rain and Wind Chimes

This audio is composed of two tracks. They were recorded at two places on different occasions and mixed them later.

Both were recorded at similar time and in similar weather conditions–in the wee hours of night after midnight and before dawn and while it was raining.

The first was recorded at my backyard in Kakching, Manipur last year (July or August 2017) and the other at my verandah in New Delhi early this month (October 2018).

I removed the rain sound from the later clip to mix with the rain sound of the former. I was wondering if adding a gentle breeze sound (that moved the wind chimes) would do good. I recorded the sound of the breeze too, in a separate track, and it’s mixed with the sizzle of the rain. I have breeze sounds already recorded in some mountains of Manipur. I can use an appropriate one of them but I have not yet tried it.


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