Failed Comedy: Tragedy on the Last Day in Hell

(Dedicated to those sons of ladies, pershaps also daughters of ladies, deadly wanting to get some time-swelling surgically removed off their life. Seriously 😂)

The last day in hell–just one more day–
I wish this time swelling removed surgically.
Dry wishing does nothing to these immaterial walls
though these silk-worms shit tiny time particles
slower, ever slower and slower, as if run out of itself.
These time walls feel rather thicker and tougher–
so squeezing time-tight, hammer-squashing.

A cool old timer serving a term long as time
Looks at me without an expression in his face,
“Son, tell ya how ta kill time d coolest way?
Just fucking do nothin’ an’ den time is yer
spa bitch gropin’ ya eprywha, in an’ outa yer booty,
and d bitch gets old an’ tired an’ dies.
Just domp do fucking nothin, son.”

Impressed, I look at this cool serial time-killer,
unperturbed like peace carved on cold stone.


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