Street Beauty

Street Beauty

I immediately felt the pull the instant I saw this girl–there was something photographically very strongly attractive about this girl. She was there kind of getting some tidbits of beauty treatment (perhaps a mehendi design on both of her palms) outside the Dilli Haat, INA one January night this year. I did not have the big enough ball to photograph a girl at that close range, but still I kept around and hung around there, quite unsure ifI would do it. I moved quite away 😊, and in the dark circle of a lamp post removed my camera from the bag and trained it at her casually, waiting to feel courage filling up my empty chest. It was too far for the light she was in and for the kind of result I wanted. I took a couple of shots as I walked in, fearing the would notice me making her conscious and do something to make pgotographing her impossible. I had waited for a better view but the woman counting cash before her remained there and I had not a better view from around where I stood.

Once I am squinting at the viewfinder, I don’t know where it comes I am all the devillish courage to photograph anything in my field of vision. So I found myself walking in closer but still without pressing the shutter button, waiting for a better view. Then the girl moved and she looked into my eyes through the darkness in the lens barrel. I was not intimidated but somehow my instinct failed me to press the button at that moment, maybe because she was not in so good a pose as she was a moment ago. A perfectionist, and she cruel. The immediately next moment, she turned away toward her lady and her neck remained stiffly in that position and never moved. I got no more chance.


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