Huirem Bihari


Huirem Bihari (June 2016), Convenor (Manipuri), Sahitya Akademi

He is not actually so dark as he looks here. The space available to me to take this shot was very limited as to the distance and sideways movement to adjust the exposure. He sat in such a way that the strongest light came from is right and backand the weak light from the left could not feel the hard shadows. I had to stand where I stood and what the camera saw right on his face was the huge column of shadow which extended to flow into the general darkness on his chest. Metering the camera to a dark point on his face (people usually–almost as a rule–meter the camera to the brightest point), I threw the already bright parts into overexposed landmass of whiteness.

One probable reason why I metered the camera to one of the darkest points (really a point on his face) dark was that I love dark or even darker skin–dark skin is right away beautiful. Over that, I added, on Photoshop, a slight metallic tone to the skin and the overall look of the photograph. I think oja Bihari is beautiful in this. Beauty, of course, is a subjective matter of taste. Many may not like dark for the color of their skin. For me, it is good at least to the sight.


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