Friends and Fun

We were children again yesterday–Atul Singh, Monalisha, Rahul Pachori, Vineeth S., and I, and it was happiness that we felt in us when we lived like this yesterday afternoon. The following pictures are some from those I took. More will follow.

The sun was shrouded in wintry clouds, fogs and Delhi’s dust and smoke and the light was slightly tricky for the nonprofessional that I am.

Vineeth S.

Vineeth S.

Vineeth S. and Monalisha

Rahul Pachori, Monalisha, and Vineeth S.

Monalisha and Rahul

Monalisha, Rahul, and Vineeth S.

And here comes our calm, cool and quietly beautiful and very serious friend Atul Singh (I found him sitting there and he caught me camera-handed stealing a shot:

And this handsome guy stole all the show yesterday. It’s my camera’s mistake that his smile is blurred–out of focus:

And here he is an action hero:

And this is again Vineeth, in silhouette:

And Vineeth as a handsome hero. I told you–he stole all the show yesterday.

More photographs to follow.

And more to follow 🙂



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