A Still Night

The night (10: 37: 50 PM) of 20 December 2015.

I wanted to take a shot of the flame of an oil lamp. I turned the incandescent tube light off, left the small LED one behind me, and lit the diya and put it on the table beside my bed. Under the lens, the diya was irresistibly beautiful and calm, and with that I forgot all about “only” the flame. The diya stole my emotion.

The above was the first shot. I was seeing how it comes. In a way it was beautiful in its own way. But the frame seems to have cropped the diya too short–it may be more beautiful with part of the long stem in the frame. I was now more concerned about the composition–the exposure I could figure that out in a while.

Now I tilted my hands a bit down to cover some of the diya stem–I hand-held the camera because there was no convenient space to put the tripod in the way how the scene was set. The following is the next shot.

I see I moved the camera to the right quite some distance. Well, I considered the shot–it has beauty in its own way. But it was slightly dark–it was f/7.1, 1/4 sec (too slow and risky for hands) and ISO 800. I thought of making it a bit lighter. I set the camera to f/5.6, 1/5 sec, and ISO 1600, and this is the result.

Clearly there are a lot to improve the picture. But I think the quiet beauty of this picture has a calming effect and so I close a chapter here, with a stamp of love.

The violin was on the table, already visibly in the frame. I wanted that to go into the mood of the picture.

Clearly, the oil lamp alone was not enough to give more details to the picture. So another lamp was lit–a beautiful lamp bought at Dilli Haat a few years ago. It is a candle lamp, not an oil lamp. The following is the result.

I don’t remember when I changed the setting. Now it is f/5.6, 1/10 sec (still hand-held), and ISO 1600. Fairly good, it looks.

I got up from the bed, fixed the camera on the stand and looked at the same setting from another perspective. I changed the lens. This time, I did not think much about the composition. I loved the golden light and thus to flood the frame with the beautiful light. So I tightly framed the scene. The following is the result.

The same exposure values as the penultimate shot. 84 mm in this case, while it is 34 mm in the former.


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