A long leap off a misty skyscraper roof
a long fall gathering wisdom-dust in mid-air
prophet-wise right before you hit the gleaming ground
desperately you wish you could undo.

A misty force in its own right, an invisible pull and push,
you are in life with all yours—zeal and reluctance—
a speeding train whose turns, directions and destinations,
have nothing to do with what’s supposedly yours.
But it hugs you so tight like a water straitjacket,
kisses you so hard like a leech, you become
a kidnapped consort defined by a negative field
on a cramped canvas where nothing matters but love,
where you make love within the squashing frames
like a chaste desperate wife.

Thus we live and thus we die
blue under the blue eyes of stars dead and live,
but wishing we could re-live.


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