Gollum Talk #1 The Other Side of the Wall

Gollum Talk
1. The Other Side of the Wall


They love it despite the pains
Call them sweet dear pains—
Yes, love makes the fire a lover’s tongue
The cuts, a lover’s nail scratches.

I am silent—nobody would understand what I say
Or agree with me. And I don’t care to win people,
I love my own bowl of silence. I’ve stopped talking,
I just think in my echoing silence.

What’s there in the city worth so much of noise
I can’t get like whispers in a foreign tourist restaurant,
Beyond mixed smiles, mild flirtations, and suspicious gazes?
It seems I share no basics with them
Beyond those fragments of strange fragile familiarity—
My fire is their ice, their orgasm my pain…

I tear my way through the wall
Breaking some hearts, freezing some tears
They always complained I always spoke a too difficult language.

One last hammer strike, and then
a swallowing silence!

Flowers fall into the pit, and they pray
For a poor good sinner from the depth of their hearts.


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