When Darkness Falls

A soft music embalms the air
Specks of dust afloat in a shaft of light
Some mysterious dance in slow motion.

Mirth and misery
Both aren’t mine; I’m but a wineskin
I take draughts for you
Get drunk and walk round wild
Singing and dancing, singing and dancing.

Mirth licks me with its voluptuous tongue
So lovingly, so caressingly
Misery nibbles at me with its teeth
So lovingly, so caressingly
I feel their loving touch so keenly.
It’s so precious, so precious it is,
It ‘s so grand to be happy
To be miserable, it’s so grand.

His long shadow touches the brow of the eastern range
One after another begin his leaves to fall
One after another,
Softer is the music now and slower
And down the dust begins to settle;
At the foot of the mountain, against the blunt rock at rest
The white hair, his grey whiskers and beards
Waver in the breeze, calm evening breeze.

My lord, this is yours, this old wineskin
When you empty it again
All will be healed.

Between his fingers does the sun set
And now the darkness falls.


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