May 2011


Ozymandias and his Boat
Eliana Tunglei: Lives of the Dead

Exploded Heart


Melting Love
Painting Pains
Ripe Grape in Crumpled Bed Sheets
Uncertain Search
Going Home
Father out for Firestraw
Dried Dews
Reflection on Rippled Water
Rasa Lila Night
Evening’s Call
Windy Sculptor
Winding, Rolling Path
Night Seeps in Through Walls
A Ripe Cherry Falls
Mellow Sun Hangs Low


Deserted River


Snap Thoughts

Boundaries of a Text



Song of life – Yengkhom Bihari
Echoing is the Gorge of my Life
 – Yengkhom Bihari
My Shadow
 – Salam Tomba
Live Dolls – Kengba Yengkhom

Short Story

An Answer – Yengkhom Nilachandra
Changeless Nature – Moirangthem Rajen


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