Song of Life

[filed in Poetry in Translation]

by Yengkhom Bihari (2006)

This new song of life today’s mine
Is that song of life of those ancient days
Yet not that old this song is –
’Tis the flow of the ceaseless
That for some purpose of import
Flows out in between the old and the new,
My song of life erupting from my in and out
Is the song of the world’s own
Is the flow of life’s breath,
I am not a singer, not a piper either
But just the holes on a bamboo hollow
For the song to waft to all.

[This poem is from Bihari’s Achikpagi Khonthang (2006) which I am translating as Silence’s Echo for publication in early 2012.]

© Thoithoi O’Cottage


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