Live Dolls

by Kengba Yengkhom

Deserted here have I been in this land
Where blue hills murmur
Among mountain sangbreis*
And you hiding yourself somewhere
Telling me to find you.

Nature my darling
I am a doll live yours
You have deserted here in this land,
I see you as blue
I call out to you
You answer from among the mountains
In the sound of trilling waters in gorges,
You croon from inside the forests
In the music of lulling cicadas.

I again see you
As the tawny of the morning sun.

If I were
In some sea or on a desert
I would have seen you
As water or sand.
Today the world lightens
And in this brightness I see you as light,
Air, fire and water
Earth, heaven and Hades
The animate and inanimate
And the deathless almighty – you are all.

While as seekers to find you
These your dolls
Claiming they are too souls
Tear the world into pieces and share,
Do you agree with this?
Just tell me this, my love
Are air, fire, water, earth, heaven and Hades
Are these for them to tear apart and struggle for
For the live dolls?

* sangbrei: a sweet-smelling tropical wild plant of grass family. Manipuri women boil them with other herbal ingredients in rise water to make a sweet-smelling home-made shampoo.

© Chumthang, April 2011


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