Passing of the Self

A reject composite photograph. Posting just for the love of it, and for the history of my photography experience.

It was just a trial–I and a friend of mine. No costume, no make-up, no close and fine acting, and no proper lighting yet.

I have just ROUGHLY composited the five separate shots to see how the layers work, how four selves of the same person fit together.

But not yet the actual editing–you will see electric wires, blue-cellophane-wrapped LED bulb (which should not be there in the final image), smudges along the edges of the individual layers, color tone mismatch, obvious brush strokes, layer opacity issues, and so on.

There are some issues in the fitting–especially between the one in the process of dying and the other self sitting beside her on the bed.

I think this will work. We will retake it. The weekend after next, most probably.



Warm in the Fog

A pair of cold hands
They spoke to me in the language of winters–
no, a winter, just one–
and the sound lingers
long past the death of love.
But we often miss small grains of joy
embedded in the tar of pains and sorrows
now all faded from memory …

Some often miss cold hands
in winter, in summer, in fall …